Dear fellow dog enthusiasts,

Understanding dogs (not just their behavior) has been my life’s work for over 25 years.  Every dog has the potential to live totally free. Freedom of Life for a dog means the following:

  1. Bullet To enjoy life to its fullest without fear, anxiety, or impatience.

  2. Bullet To enjoy the outdoors without fences or tie-outs.

  3. Bullet To stay close and attentive to the master without being commanded, regardless of stimuli.

  4. Bullet To play with other dogs and not fight or bully and return to the master’s side immediately should danger arise.

  5. Bullet To be trustworthy and secure with children.

  6. Bullet To enjoy the freedom life has to offer with ultimate courage, respect and trust based upon a true bond resulting from mental and emotional connection.

  7. Bullet To trust the master unconditionally with his or her judgment and be happy in the master's presence – even when faced with the final moments of life – without fear.

We are truly responsible for the behavior our dogs display. Let's hope that no more dogs face being surrendered to a shelter, given away or otherwise disposed of due to our own misgivings.

I encourage you to browse my site! If you have any questions about your dog and how my program can work for you, feel free to contact me.


Sam Malatesta